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"You Make Your Mistakes To Learn How To Get To The Good Stuff"
--Quincy Jones

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So, you can sing! What's Next?

Where do you begin? Whether you dream of singing professionally around the world or you simply want to be able to sing for a special occasion, I can help you move towards your dream of being a professional Singer! Let's create a show, develop your vocal style and way of performance and show you how to market yourself to get paying gigs! Let’s Get Started!*


"I had to work hard on all the aspects of being a professional Singer for so long that it became second nature to comfortably wear all the hats--the Singer, the Publicists, the Manager, the Agent, the Musical Director and so on. Now, I get so much joy from helping up and coming Artists find their way. There is work waiting for you so let's get after it! 

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