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COCO was born Debra Lashaun in Washington, DC where she won many talent competitions and pageants before the age of 16. After being invited to sing at Amateur Night at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, (where Ella Fitzgerald and other famous Black Artists were discovered), Debra then made her TV debut on “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”.  She admits that it was the most exciting performance she had ever had. That inspired her to move to New York City with just a few dollars in her pocket. She took a 9 to 5 job and never stopped dreaming of a career in music. On the weekends, Coco began producing her own talent shows and hosting a weekly Open Mic night in Harlem. This was the only way to keep her dream alive. As well, she realized she was trying to compete in a city full of super talented human beings.


Before long, she was selected to perform her first Cabaret show at the legendary cabaret room Don´t Tell Mama. That performance produced an offer to audition for the Lead Female Vocalist for the Jerry Cravat New York Orchestra--one of the top wedding bands in NYC-- known for performing at the most elite weddings and private events where clients required a heavy rotation of Swing Jazz.


After singing R&B and classic Soul music all her life, she discovered this music that allowed her to truly be herself. "Jazz became my passion. Wanting to impress my Band leader, I researched all the Singers and Musicians and the great tunes that have become legend. Audiences began requesting me more and more and I didn't have to try to sound like anyone. I just had to discover my own unique sound," stated Coco.


Fans began to describe her vocals as deep and velvety smooth like chocolate. That is how the name "Coco" was born. She began carving a niche for those sultry vocals by putting together her own Quartet to tour the world. 


Color Fantasy and Color Magic was what brought the then Coco Rouzier Quartet to Norway. “I hope my Scandinavian fans will continue to enjoy my mix of Jazz and Soul and the new ingredient of my Spoken Word which grew from all the countries, cultures and experiences I have encountered. Especially since it has been decades since my debut on the Color Line ships (Peter Wessel, Color Fantasy and Color Magic) and 2 years since my last Silda Jazz concert!”--Coco



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